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Amanda P.

Beautiful Beginnings Midwifery Staff: Amanda

Amanda has been married for 18 years and they are the parents to 4 boys ranging from age 18 to age 9. Amanda experienced two hospital births and felt that while her babies were wonderful, the hospital experience left a lot to be desired. In truth, she just wanted to be able to take her baby homeright away. Her third child was a birth center delivery. The wonderful midwifery care that she received made her realize how lucky midwives are to help so many other women experience this joyous occasion. While she didn’t know it at the birth, these midwives were soon to become colleagues. She became pregnant while she was a student midwife and became licensed just before the birth of her fourth child in the privacy of her own home. All their deliveries were special, but nothing was as AMAZING as their homebirth, especially with the love and support of her preceptors. Amanda’s experience was truly a blessing. Amanda and Beautiful Beginnings Midwifery wants women and their families to EXPERIENCE BIRTH!

Amanda’s passion is to give women options about where and how they birth. She will also attend a hospital birth with a client if it becomes medically necessary.

It is our responsibility as midwives to foster an environment that is physically and emotionally safe. Childbirth is a natural and wonderful experience that should be private and comfortable. We work with the woman’s body to deliver the baby in the most peaceful environment possible. As your midwife, Amanda will honor your choices, wishes, and desires to empower you to take control of your childbirth experience.

Qualifications And Experience
  • Certified Professional Midwife
  • Licensed Midwife in Texas
  • Graduate of ATM Midwifery Program
  • CPR for the Healthcare Professional, AHA
  • Neonatal Resuscitation, AHA/AAP
  • Continuing education workshops
  • North American Registry of Midwives
  • Vice-President of North Texas Midwives 2010, 2011, 2012